Wifipool complete set for pH and RX control (salt electrolysis)

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This Wifipool set contains all the parts to measure pH and Redox and to control for salt electrolysis. The electrolysis device is not included, allowing you to reuse your existing device.

The WIFIPOOL peristaltic pump and the salt electrolysis start and stop according to the automations defined in the WIFIPOOL app. You can start your pH control pump based on the pH and your electrolysis based on the measured Redox. You can even choose that the peristaltic pump and the electrolysis do not work at the same time.

The peristaltic pump comes with suction foot, complete injection parts for installation on pipes with a diameter of 50mm. The pH/Redox measuring boxes contain all the necessary elements for installing and measuring pH and Redox. A flow switch (to stop the addition pH or salt electrolysis if there is no flow), or a level probe (to stop addition pH- if pH vessel is empty) must be purchased separately.

Salt electrolysis is not in the kit, so you can choose the electrolysis you need. We provide the earth connection in the kit, because a salt bath conducts electricity well and a grounding must be placed.

The WIFIPOOL app is available for Android and IOS.

Contents of the box: 1x peristaltic pump, 2 Smart plugs 10A (pH and RX), probe glands, suction feet and pipes and injection parts and pipes.Redox (chlorine) and pH measuring box, probes, calibration solutions, 5V USB connection, injection nipple, grounding and rubber connections with a diameter of 50 mm.