Level regulator50cm for Chlorine/acid/base vessel with waterproof Higo connector 5M

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This level controller with waterproof HIGO connector can be used in pond and pool water as well as for liquid pH (15% sulfuric acid), liquid pH+ (30% sodium hydroxide) and for liquid chlorine (15% sodium hypochlorite).

The most commonly used application for this flow switch in combination with our Wifi equipment, is to stop a dosing device, if the storage tank of liquid pH, pH + or Chlorine are empty.

The level controller is in a tube of 2cm diameter, 50cm long, with a resin in the tube, so that the level controller does not come into contact with the chemical product.

The level switch itself measures 55x22mm, contact is "normally open", but the signal can be reversed by loosening the float and turning it 180°.

Max operating temperature 85°C.

This level siwtch with Higo connection fits all our Wifipool devices with level measurement. We also have level controllers with two-wire connection.