Water Treatment : Liquid chlorine and acid

Understand automatic water treatment in 4 steps

1. The Ferrodos water treatment Concept

2. Measure and control pH and Chlorine

  To guarantee clean and safe water, the Ferrodos automatically regulates the pH (acidity) of the water between 7.2-7.6 and the chlorine content between 0.5 and 1.5 ppm

  • The pH is measured continuously with a pH probe.

  • Chlorine is measured by a Redox probe. In general, a Redox of 700mV corresponds to 1 ppm of chlorine.

  • If the pH is too high, the system will automatically dose acid to correct the pH via a peristaltic pump. For a swimming pool of 50 m³ you need +- 15 to 30 cl 15% sulfuric acid (= one glass) per day.


      pH probe                               redox (Chlorine) graph 1 week

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  To adjust the chlorine the system will add Liquid Chlorine (or Bleach) via a peristaltic pump.

For a swimming pool of 50 m³ you need +- 30 to 60 cl per day of 15% bleach (2-3 glasses per day).

Chlorine is a simple, very effective and inexpensive disinfectant.

3. Plug & Play - water treatment installation


  Both the Ferrodos  and the Ferrodos Wifi  are fully pre-assembled on a plate. All connections and pipes have already been made, so no need to assemble anything yourself. Simply place the panel on the return pipe to the pool in a 50mm pipe. This can be done without glueing, via the supplied 50mm rubber sleeves. A bypass is not mandatory.

All accessories for installation and use (probes, calibration fluid, manual ...) are included. The normal operating conditions (pH 7.2-7.6, Redox > 700mV) are already pre-programmed in the device.

  Important note for UK and Ireland customers

A suitable 50mm to 1-1/2 inch adapter will be provided upon delivery without extra charge

4. Wifi or Display


  The Ferrodos is available in both Wifi version  and Display version .

The WiFi version works via the "Wifipool app". The advantage of this solution is that you can verify and adjust your water quality literally anywhere in the world. You can also measure and adjust other parameters of your swimming pool (temperature, level, flow) via the Wifipool app and equipment.

The Display version is one of the simplest water treatment devices on the market. You can read pH and Redox (Chlorine) via the display. Via the handy menu you can change the pre-set parameters (language selection, pH and redox set point etc ...).

Both devices work in the same way: they continuously monitor the pH and the Redox (Chlorine). As soon as one of the two needs to be adjusted, the pH or the chlorine pump starts running. 

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