Frequency regulator

Understand in 4 steps

  Through the WIFIPOOL app, it is possible to see the various parameters such as temperature, pH, chlorine, the electricity consumption of a pump, etc. on the mobile phone. In addition, the app can take control of the pool. Depending on the conditions defined in the app, it will turn on or off pumps, heaters, water treatment devices, etc. .

We have 2 types of equipment:

Measurement boxes                                      Plugs and control equipment                                                                                         


  MEASUREMENT : With the Measurement modules you can measure different values ​​of the swimming pool.

You can read these values ​​on your mobile phone and use them later to switch on or off certain devices such as a filter pump / frequency regulator, heat pump or a chlorine dosage.

There are several measurement modules:

pH module: pH, flow and level

Redox module: Redox (Chlorine), flow and level

TLF module: Temperature (x2), flow and level

Combined modules with pH, ​​RX, Temp, level, flow and conductivity

The power supply for a measurement module is an ordinary USB socket



  CONTROL :   With WiFi sockets, you can switch most of your swimming pool devices on and off, regardless of brand. You can use a smart Wi-Fi socket to turn on or off your filtration pump (without or with our Wifi frequency regulator), your heating, your salt electrolysis...

Via the automation module of the Wifipool app, you can control sockets and smart devices.

For example :

- Start the circulation pump every day from 8:15 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. by reducing the power consumed with the frequency regulator.

- Start the peristaltic acid addition pump when the pH is above 7.6 AND when the circulatory pump is on

- Circulate the water to the solare heating when the roof temperature is higher than the water temperature AND the water is colder than 32°C.

... the possibilities are limitless ....



   The app becomes the central point of your pool control. You can see on a graph, how quickly the pool has been heated by the solar heating, how well the pH remains under control, and receives an alarm message because the chlorine tank is empty.... .

The app is free and available for Android and IOS, and can be found under “Wifipool”.

To facilitate the installation of Wifi water treatment equipment, we have 100% pre-assembled treatment devices with acid and liquid chlorine, and salt electrolysis.