WiFi pool set for control RX with salt electrolysis (RX module, peristaltic pump and accessories) complete kit - incl. HS salt electrolysis 16g/h for 50m³³ swimming pool

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This complete kit "HS salt electrolysis" contains all the parts needed to control your chlorine level in the pool. The Wi-Fi pole salt electrolysis starts via a smart plug (to which the electrolysis is connected) and according to the measured Redox and the automations defined in the Wi-Fi pool app. To make your life easier, the business conditions are set when you connect your equipment to your Wi-Fi network.

The Redox (chlorine) measuring box can be expanded with a flow measurement to stop electrolysis if there is no water flow.

The EC 16 salt electrolysis is a high-quality water treatment device at an incredible price. For the electrolysis to work, you need to add 4 g of salt per liter of water. The salt will be converted into chlorine, which – after disinfection – will be converted back into salt. The device has the "self-cleaning" function, a current, salt deficiency and temperature alarm.

The electrolysis is supplied complete for installation on pipes with a diameter of 50 mm. The Redox measuring box comes with a Redox probe. A flow detector, grounding (always necessary for salt electrolysis) calibration solution and/or level must be ordered separately. An automatic pH control is also not included.

The WIFIPOOL app is available for Android and IOS. The installation of the equipment is done in "kit" mode without you having to enter all the operating conditions yourself. Of course: after installation, you can edit and adjust the operation as desired.

Contents of the box: HS salt electrolysis 16 g/h, WIFI 10A intelligent plug with electricity consumption measurement, Redox probe (gold) with probe passage and 50mm clamp saddle, Wifi measuring box for Redox, flow and level (flow and level measurement not included), 5V USB connection

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