Salt electrolysis HS pre-mounted on wall plate with pH and RX control - Wifi - 20g/h - Swimming pool 60m³ - with flow switch³

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The Ferrosalt duo is an automatic water treatment device with salt electrolysis and pH neutralizer, of high quality and for an incomparable price. For the electrolysis to work, you need to add 4 g of salt per liter of water. The salt will be converted into chlorine, which – after disinfection – will be converted back into salt.

The Ferrosalt duo has been developed for "do-it-yourselfers" of the pool. Because it is fully pre-assembled and comes with two rubber ends, it is very easy to install. The menu and the calibration - which is activated by pressing a "calibration" button - are also extremely simple.

The Ferrosalt duo comes with a "flow switch" that stops the dosing of pH- in the absence of water flow. Level detection (not included) stops the pH dosing when the acid vessel is empty.

As soon as the water passes through the measuring/dosing nipple, the equipment measures the pH and Redox (chlorine) and automatically adjusts the pool values. When used correctly, you are 100% sure of clean and healthy water.

In addition, thanks to electrolysis, you have much less irritating products and less pool odor.

In the box: Ferrosalt duo salt electrolysis 20g/hour with current detection, intelligent Wifi plug 10A for electrolysis and peristaltic pump, peristaltic pump with all connections, flow switch, grounding, pH and redox (Chlorine) probes and calibration solutions, 2 rubber connections diameter 50mm.

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