Arctic Tiger

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The Tiger pool heals and prevents green water in the pool and spa.

The effect can be compared to a UV lamp in combination with a flocculant.

The Pool Tiger is an extremely simple tool for purifying water. Water flows through the instrument, causing cavitation. This process kills bacteria, algae and provokes coagulation of impurities.

As the water flows through the Cavitation Unit of the Pool Tiger, small areas are created with such a low pressure that the water in these areas boils and gas bubbles form. These bubbles implode, causing the local temperature to rise to 185°C and killing viruses, bacteria and algae. Negatively charged particles are formed, which promotes the agglomeration of small suspended particles so that they can be filtered out.


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Connect the Pool Tiger in the return line to a filter pump of 6-14 m3/h (= 350W -1000W = 0.5pK -1.3 pK). If you have a larger filter pump, install a bypass.

Set the pH to 7.2-7.6 and chlorine to 0.5-1ppm and circulate and filter the water for 72 hours.

The water gradually becomes clear as the Pool Tiger kills algae, bacteria and viruses and coagulates suspended particles.