EPDM solar heating made to measure, per m²

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EPDM solar heating is the most economical and ecological way to heat a swimming pool. The sun heats the mat of fine rubber channels through which the pool water flows. In full sun, an area of 20m² of solar heating is equivalent to a heat pump of 15 kW.

With our  xls spreadsheet you can calculate the required area of solar collectors for your swimming pool (you need to download the calculation sheet on your PC to be able to do the calculation).

The sensors have standard connections of 32-38 and 50mm. To whether or not to direct the water to the collectors (sun) or not (night, rain, etc.), you can use a manual or motorized three-way valve. solar heating is often installed with an automatic control valve and in combination with a heat pump. This saves you +- 2/3 on the electricity costs of the heat pump.

Contents of the box: solar collectors 33.33cm of X meters, 2 connections 50 (to be glued) -38-32mm, 2 end caps, O-rings, cable ties.