RX probe platinum + tapping saddle + probe gland complete kit. HS 90268080

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This red RX probe will be able to measure the Redox of pool water for several years. The redox is a measurement of the oxidation power of the pool: the higher the redox, the more free chlorine there is in the pool water.

The probe has a standard BNC connection, and is interchangeable with probes from most other brands

The probe has a diameter of 12mm and is 120mm long. The probe is usually built into the pipe via a 1/2 inch probe holder.

It is necessary to calibrate the probe once a year (as opposed to a calibration solution of 468 mV).

After calibration, it is necessary to determine the ideal redox value of the pool. This value depends on a number of factors, and is different for each pool. To do this, measure the chlorine content in the pool (at the moment the pH is between 7.2 and 7.6), to be measured with a good quality chlorine measurement. If the chlorine content is lower than 0.8 - 1.2 ppm, you should increase the redox target value. If the chlorine content is higher than 0.8 - 1.2 ppm, you can lower the redox value. With a good Redox probe, the measured redox at 1 ppm chlorine will be between 600 and 800mV.

We advise you to store the probes in KCl storage liquid during the winter. During calibration and/or during the winter, you can close the probe connection with fake probes.

The probe must be kept moist at all times. The probe comes with 1/2 inch clamp saddle 50mm and matching sonderwartel. Due to the rubber seals, it is not necessary to use Teflon or Filetplast.