Peristaltic pump 1,5l/h with Wifi RX plug

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This article is a simple peristaltic pump 1.5 liters/hour in combination with a smart Wifi plug.

The WIFIPOOL peristaltic pump will start up in the pool according to the automations defined in the wifipool app: if the redox is lower than the set point, the peristaltic pump will add chlorine.

For a 50m³ swimming pool, 2 liters of liquid chlorine are consumed in intense use / hot weather. So the pump will run for about 1 hour 20 minutes a day.

The pump comes with suction feet, complete injection parts for installation on pipes with a diameter of 50 mm. The pH/Redox measuring boxes are available separately. The smart plug is a 10A plug with power measurement.

The WIFIPOOL app is available for Android and IOS.

Contents of the box: WIFI peristaltic pump, smart plug 10A, clamp saddle 50mm - 1/2 inch, probe gland, suction foot, suction and injection hoses and injection nipple.