Measurement and injection tube 50mm with 4 holes (1/2 Inch) connection 3/4' for flow switch + stop 3/4 inch. HS 90268080

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This measuring and injection tube is ideal for use in water treatment:

- When using liquid chlorine and pH, you have two connections for pH and Redox probe, one connection for flow switch (3/4 inch) and two connections for the injection nipples.

- With salt electrolysis in combination with liquid pH,you have two connections for pH and Redox probe, 1 connection for flow switch (3/4 inch) a connection for the injection nipple and a connection for the grounding.

Warning: When using this injection tube, you will need a system where the addition of liquid acid and liquid chlorine cannot be done at the same time. For salt electrolysis, it should also be the case that electrolysis and acid addition do not work at the same time.

The holes in the tube can be closed with a 3/4 inch cap for the outer wire flow switch connection, or with the combination probe gland + fake probe for the 1/2 inch threaded probe / injection holes

The PVC pipe has a diameter of 50mm, and can be glued. Connection via 50mm rubber sleeves or bend is also possible. The tube is 32 cm long

In the box : measuring and injection tube with cap to seal connection flow switch.