WIFI Automatic 3-way valve 50 mm L-bore without TLF temperature control module- type Hidro

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EPDM solar heating is the most economical and ecological way to heat a swimming pool.

The 3-way WIFI motorized valve can be used with a Wifipool temperature monitoring box. To control your pool heating, you need the TLF module or a Wifipool Connect box. The sensors measure the roof temperature and water temperature. As the sun heats the sensors to a higher pool water and roof temperature, the valve will – thanks to the automation of the "Wifipool" app – turn to the "heat" or "pool without heating" position.

The possibilities of using this Wifi valve are unlimited. You can also use the valve to control the water level in your mirror pool. Just turn it to the desired position when the circulation pump starts, or when the buffer tank reaches the "high level" etc.... All you need is a Wifipool module with which you can measure the water level.

 In the box: Motorized Wifi valve 50mm - 230V, type Hidro