WIFI Automatic 2-way valve 50 mm without TLF temperaturecontrol module.

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The 2-way Wifi valve can be used in multiple applications in the pool

- As a control valve for solar heating in combination with a TLF (Temperature - Level - Flow) Wi-Fi unit. Depending on the temperature of the water and the roof, the valve can be turned into the "Solar" or "Night" position.

- As a level control valve in the mirror bath in combination with WiFi level detection. When the circulation pump stops, the valve can be opened and part of the pool can be emptied into the buffer tank, before closing the hatch. The moment the level sensor detects a "low level", the valve will close.

- As an automatic spa drain valve,

Characteristic of the Hydro type valve is that it can be opened in percentage terms. If the valve is opened for 30%, it stops part of the flow. In this way, a partial bypass can be created with this valve.

Box Contents: 2-way Wifi valve type Hydro

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