WIFI Automatic 2-way valve 50 mm without TLF temperature control module- type Peraqua

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EPDM solar heating is the most economical and ecological way to heat a swimming pool.

The automated 2-way valve Wifipool type Peraqua is a very solid valve with which a solar heater can be controlled. In addition to the automatic valve, this requires a TLF measuring box (Temperature x 2, level, flow rate) with 2 thermocouples and sleeve for the temperature probe. The sensors measure the roof temperature and water temperature. As the sun heats the sensors to a higher pool water and roof temperature, the valve will – thanks to the automation of the "Wifipool" app – turn to the "heat" or "pool without heating" position.

The Wifipool app is available

for Android et IOS.

Contents of the box: 2-way WIFI automatic valve, diameter 50 mm with 230V connection. The TLF module is not included