Wifi automatic Solenoide 2-way valve (Normally open) - 1 1/2 inch female thread - plug & play

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Automatic three-way valves are primarily used to control a solar heater. In sunshine (temperature on the solar collider 4°C higher than the temperature of the water), the tap turns to position "solar heating". In case of clouds, the valve turns towards the swimming pool. The valve is therefore usually linked to a temperature controller.

With this valve, the Benisol temperature controller with all installation accessories (clamp saddle, temperature sleeve, temp probe 1m for water - 10m for roof) is already pre-assembled to the valve. You do not need to perform an electrical installation.

The temperature probes measure the temperature of the pool water and the roof in the sunshine. As soon as the temperature of the roof, 4 degrees (adjustable) is higher than the pool water, the tap turns into position "solar heating". In case of rain, shade, .. turns the tap back into position "pool" so that the pool water cannot cool down. If the pool water reaches 32°C (adjustable), the water will no longer be sent to the solar collectors.

What is special about this valve is that it rotates back and forth at 90°C. This has three advantages:

- the valve is never completely closed during the turning movement. So there can be no pressure surge in the pipes due to the turning movement.

- the valve swivels, where the bulb tension on the valve can be controlled. This has the advantage that the tension can be set in such a way that the valve turns very smoothly, and the inside does not come under tension.

- the valve can be used in other applications, where the tap is only opened x% (for this you choose the wi-fi variant)

On the side of the valve motor is a lever, with which you can set the valve to manual or automatic. Through the sphere on the top, you can visually see in which position the three-way valve is located.

The tap has an L-bore, which means that the water enters the middle connection, and is then sent to the left or right.

An identical three-way manual valve is available. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, it is possible to replace the motorized valve with a manual valve, without having to re-glue piping.

In the box : Three-way valve type hidro 220V with mounted motor (incl spanner to control swivel voltage) and benisol temperature controller (incl 1m and 10m temp probe, temperature sleeve and clamp saddle 50mm-1/2 inch).

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