Wifipool TLF module incl temp probe + tapping saddle 50mm -> 1/2 inch + temp probe gland +  USB transformer plug 1 connection complete kit

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The complete "Temperature Measurement" kit contains all the parts needed to measure the water temperature in your pool. The box also allows you to measure an additional temperature, the presence of flow and the water level. We call this device "The TLF Box" of Temperature, Level and Flow

The box comes with a 1 meter temperature probe and the parts to insert it into a 50mm tube. Probe extensions, additional probes, flow and level detector must be ordered separately.

To automatically control the temperature (solar heating, heat pump, electric heating) it will be necessary to combine the box with an intelligent socket (for example, to start a heating or heat pump), or a Wifipool automatic valve.

The WIFIPOOL app is available for Android and IOS.

Contents of the box: WIFI TLF box (2x temperature, level and flow), a temperature probe (1m), clamp saddle and temperature probe sleeve, 5V USB connection.