Wifipool module RX incl probe Platinum  + tapping saddle 50mm -> 1/2 inch + probe gland + calibration liq. + USB transformer plug 1 connection complete kit

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The complete kit "Measuring box Redox Wifipool" contains all the parts needed to measure the Redox (chlorine) of your pool in a 50 mm tube. To automatically control the Redox (liquid chlorine or salt electrolysis), it will be necessary to combine the box with a salt electrolysis device , or a peristaltic pump (liquid chlorine) + smart plug.

The Redox measuring box can be expanded with a flow measurement and a level measurement (for example of the acid container), to stop addition when there is no water flow or when the acid container is empty.

Warning: The probe supplied in this kit is a platinum probe for "liquid or solid chlorine". For salt electrolysis, the "golden" probe should be used.

The WIFIPOOL app is available for Android and IOS.

Contents of the box: Redox probe with swivel and 50 mm clamp saddle, Wifi measuring box for Redox, flow and level, calibration fluid, 5V USB connection. the flow switch and level measurement are not included.