Wifipool set for RX regulation with liquid chlorine (RX module, peristaltic pump and accessories) complete kit

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This Wifipool set contains all the parts to measure and control the RX (Redox - Chlorine).

Wifipool's peristaltic pump starts according to the automations defined in the WIFIPOOL application. Based on the measured RX and the set point, the Chlorine control pump will start/stop thanks to the smart plug.

The pump comes with suction foot, injection parts complete for installation on pipes with a diameter of 50 mm. The pH measuring box contains all the necessary elements for installation and pH measurement. The smart wifi plug is a 10A plug with power measurement.

A flow switch (to stop the addition if there is no flow), or a level probe (to stop addition if liquid chlorine vessel is empty) are not included but sold separately.

The WIFIPOOL app is available for Android and IOS.

In the box: Peristaltic pump, smart Wifi plug, clamp saddle 50mm with connection probe, suction foot, suction and injection hoses and injection nipple.

Manual - Quick start guide - Youtube - Folders - Spare parts