Wifipool connect PRO complete measuring box (pH - RX - Temp x 2 - Flow), expandable to pH,Chlorine and heating control complete kit

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With the measuring box "Wifipool connect PRO pH - RX - Level x 2 - Flow - temperature x 2" you can make the necessary measurements to check the quality and temperature of your water using the Wifipool app. You can see the values of your pool on your phone. The data is transmitted continuously, 24/24 - 7/7.

By peristaltic pumps, heat pump, UV lamp ...  and our smart plugs can automatically control your pH or chlorine and temperature. 

pH and Redox probes are connected via the standard "BNC" connection.

Level probes can be used to monitor the contents of chlorine vessels and pH regulator. These probes, as well as the flow switch, are connected with waterproof connectors. Everything needed for pH and RX measurement and 1 temperature measurement, comes with the box. Level and flow switches can be purchased separately.

The WIFIPOOL app is available for Android and IOS. The installation of the equipment is very simple by scanning the barcode on the box.

Contents of the box: Wifipool connect GO box, pH probe, RX probe, temp probe clamp saddles, swivels and sleeve for installation probes, calibration fluids and 5V adapter.

The difference with the Wifipool connect PRO salt electrolysis box is that this box contains a platinum RX probe, which can be used for liquid chlorine (but not for salt electrolysis).

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