WiFi water treatment liquid chlorine/acid installation kit for SPA

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The Ferrodos Wifi is an automatic WIFI water treatment device for dosing liquid chlorine and pH neutralizer, of high quality and at an incredible price. Due to a special option "slow / fast dosing" in the app, the Ferrodos Wifi, is suitable for both Spas and pools up to 150m³.

The Ferrodos Wifi has been developed for "do-it-yourselfers" of the pool. Because it is fully pre-assembled and comes with two rubber ends, it is very easy to install. After installing the WIFIPOOL app (available for Android and IOS), scan the barcode on the device to connect it to your phone and your Wi-Fi network. If all devices are connected, set the automation conditions by scanning the barcode in your manual.

You can read your pH and Redox (Chlorine) on your mobile phone, view graphs, receive alarms. From now on, you can adjust the chemistry of your pool with your phone. Also the calibration that is activated by pressing a button "calibration", followed by instructions on the screen -, is extremely simple.

The Ferrodos Wifi without "flow switch" should be installed on the same electricity circuit as the circulation pump, to prevent dosing in the absence of water flow. This is possible with our smart plug, which will run the pump according to the same scheduler as the Wifipool twin.

To prevent blockages / leaks in the chlorine injector, we recommend the use of anti-scaling agent in liquid chlorine.

Contents of the box: Ferrodos Wifi panel with 2 peristaltic pumps (suction feet and suction and injection lines included and mounted in the measuring and injection tube), pH and RX measuring box (including 5V connection), pH and Redox probe, pH and redox calibration fluids, 2 connections 50 mm rubber.

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