Calibration liquid RX 468 mV - 20 ml (bag)

Calibration liquid RX 468 mV - 20 ml (bag)

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A redox probe gives an idea of the oxidation power (and therefore chlorine content) of the pool water. The higher the redox, the higher the oxidation power.

It is necessary to calibrate the Redox a few times a year compared to a 468mV buffer.

You can use this bag once.

In some cases (no bypass available), it is necessary to close the electrode hole during calibration. For this you can purchase a fake probe.

Note: The Redox is not an absolute chlorine measurement, and the ideal redox is different for every pool. You should adjust the chlorine content to 1ppm free chlorine via a proper color measurement. The Redox value that you measure at pH 7.2-7.6 and at 1ppm, is the ideal set point for your pool. In most cases this is between 600 and 800mV