Solar Heating

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 To  heat your pool you can use a heat pump, solar collectors or a combination of both.

Solar heating has the great advantage that it can work through the filter pump, and – therefore – it does not use energy.  The system is simple: the pool water is circulated through thin black channels, which heats the water when the sun shines.

Solar heating can be used in all swimming pools, large and small, has the best price/heat ratio and is the most ecological way to heat the swimming pool.

We use EPDM solar collectors, which are flexible, compact and frost resistant.

 The shining sun gives an energy of 800W per m², this is valid everywhere on earth.  In Europe, we need between 12 and 20 kW to heat a 50m³ swimming pool with solar heating, so between 15 and 25m² of solar heating. This is valid for any type of heating: heating with and without bubble or protective glass. Don't let yourself be convinced otherwise because you will be disappointed.

With a surface solar mat, your water will be 4-6 degrees warmer than without heating. .

If there is no sun, the collectors will not give off heat.


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 The solar pannels are pre-assembled, and click into each other. The lengths available as standard are 2,3,4,5 and 6 meters. We also produce to measure. The collectors have 32, 38mm and 50mm connections to glue.

The installation is often done on the roof of a garden shed or on a car port.   We advise you to first place a concrete grid, and to fix the solar collectors with our polyester tapes on the grid.

The ideal location is a 30° angle to the south .  By placing the sensors horizontally,  only 10% of capacity is lost.


 The regulation is done by a 3-way valve, manual or automatic.

The automatic valve diverts the water to the sensors as soon as the temperature of the sensors is higher than the water temperature. At a temperature of 32°C (adjustable), the valve will send the water directly to the pool.

We have automatic, simple and Wifi valves. All valves are 100% preassembled .

In a combined heat pump and solar collector installation, the water is first passed through the solar collector. The heat pump is set at 2-4°C less than normal (setpoint 24-26°C). The energy cost reduction will pay for your solar installation in 2-3 years.

The life time of solar collectors is 10-20 years.

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